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Zaniskari Pony (Zanskari Horses)

Exterior: horses are medium in size and well built. The Zanskari horses have predominant eyes, heavy and long tail and uniform gait. The body hairs are fine, long and glossy. Physique of this horse is very similar to the Spiti pony but are more adaptable for higher altitude where they are used as work horses.

Height: 120-140 cm. (11.3-13.3 hands)

Weight: 320-410 kg.

Сolour: usually grey. Рappen black and copper.

Zanskari horses are available in Leh and Laddakh area of Jammu and Kashmir (northern India). The horses are known for their ability to work, run adequately and carry loads at high altitude.

Only a few hundred horses at present exist in the Zanskar and other valleys of Laddakh. Large scale breeding with non descript ponies has endangered this breed.

The Animal Husbandry Department, Jammu and Kashmir has recently established a Zanskari horse Breeding farm at Leh for breed improvement and conservation through selective breeding.

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