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The Horse Exterior.

For a long time at cultivation of horses and their use in various spheres of the activity, people paid attention, and at times and attached considerable significance, to colours and various features of painting of horses. Colour, marks and other signs - the main identification attributes, allowing to distinguish one horse from another. At cultivation of horses colour and its features are used as an attribute of breed and an origin.

Advantage of a horse is caused by three factors, namely: a good origin, a horse-power and correct external forms.

The correct estimation of a horse not an easy problem and still far from being is limited to definition of lacks of a constitution work of the expert, as though he looked at these lacks, whether assorting each part of a body separately, in sense of its size and position, or considering imagined harmony and even special purpose of a horse.

Lacks of a horse which in themselves, on reasons theoretical, her suitability for the given purpose, and important mutual in proportions of all parts and exact definition should harm are not important, whether lacks are renumerated by so doubtless advantages. So, in clear representation about a horse created for work, in the considered weighing her merits and demerits, and at all in aimless search of one errors of addition, difficult business of an estimation of a horse consists.

Ability to see simultaneously with lack and that quality which counterbalances it also it is neutralized - was with knack, unfortunately, for horse-breeding not frequently observable.

To develop this ability experience and practice, a thing quite possible, but to create it is impossible, as it is impossible to get any practice of creativity — this true satellite of any talent. It is possible to be learnt to sing, for example, but without a voice it is impossible to become the singer; it is possible to be learnt to play on any instrument, but without ear for music it is impossible to become the musician. To get known technique in any business a matter of time, but to get talent it is impossible.

Thus, the exterior of a horse it is necessary to consider in aggregate with working ability and an origin.

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