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Horse in Art,
in Architecture and the Graphic arts.

Among animals - a horse, undoubtedly, the most popular object of the image. In wildlife there is no finer animal. The image of a horse is traditional for art of many countries is an embodiment of dream of the simple worker about the world, a prosperity. With its{her} help shepherds grazed flocks and herds, farmers ploughed the ground, dealers transported the goods, rushed messengers with reports. A horse constantly near to the human, in all of his peace and military history, in work and on rest, in sports meets and in circus performances.

Many and many products of the fine arts are devoted, contain images of a horse and the horseman. They can be seen in products of different genres: a smart portrait, historical, battle, landscape, household and certainly animalism. The variety of images of a horse, distribution worldwide, have the history, not less profound, interesting, than at other in detail investigated genre of art. Images of a horse can be met on ancient and modern coins, seales, the arms, emblems, trade marks. Horses crowning triumphal arches, and many pediments of buildings, and roofs of peasant's house. Among the artists drawing, written, sculpturing a horse, great names Pheidias, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer, other masters. William Hogart, the English artist, the theorist of art, in the treatise Analysis of beauty is wrote: ...The animals combined most gracefully, always win in speed. From these last the finest examples are a horse... This noble creation wins first place among animals, and it will only be coordinated to law of the nature which has noted most useful to all animals as well the greatest beauty.

In spite of the fact that the modern human prefers an iron horse, with tens and hundreds horsepowers, - the automobile or other, more high-speed type of transport, the horseman and a horse, undoubtedly, still will long draw attention of many artists the internal energy, precipitancy, plasticity, beauty, force, harmony.

In this section it will be soon possible to find huge quantity "equine" images but as my site is still absolutely young sections yet much...

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